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Volunteering at Lisa’s Pink Petals of Hope, is a marvelous opportunity to participate and help those that have been impacted by breast cancer. In exchange for contributing your time and sharing your talents, you can engage your curiosity by learning more about breast cancer, interact and building long lasting relationships with other volunteers and have fun!

The dynamic community of Lisa’s Pink Petals of Hope volunteers brings curiosity, enthusiasm, and dedication to its volunteer work, providing the organization with fresh perspectives and invaluable assistance. Recent volunteers have included teachers, students, independent consultants, pastors, doctors, makeup artists, florists, and fitness instructors. Everyone is welcome to apply (minimum age 14). 

Volunteer projects vary throughout the year. There’s always a need for all types of skills and experiences, but you don’t need to be a doctor or an expert to participate. Our events and programs are flexible, matching available opportunities to your talent and availability.


Volunteers are ask to help with a wide range of projects, from exhibit maintenance to administrative tasks, from educational programs to special events. Most volunteer projects begin with one-on-one training with a lead coordinator and then develop into independent work.

Whether you’re an individual interested in ongoing projects or a group wishing to participate as a team, you can help provide vital services and support to many areas within our organization. Lisa’s Pink Petals of Hope could not operate without the contributions of many active volunteers who contribute their time, ideas, and energy. Their unique talents enable the organization to offer its current level of services to the community.

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Telephone: 813-758-4211

The rewards are immeasurable!

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