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Making A Difference

LPPOH provides support services to individuals that have been diagnosed with breast cancer and have limited to no insurance and/or facing financial hardship restricting them from obtaining needed essentials. This is what set us apart!!

LPPOH is committed to collaborating with other organizations, manufacturers and service providers that are passionate about this shanta1cause. Through this unique partnership, we work together to raise funds that support women in need. This alliance of partners has one shared mission, helping all undeserved women recover from breast cancer with dignity.

We continually strive to find new partners and new products or services to help women.  If you are an organization, manufacturer, or services provider that fits this mission. Please CONTACT US to see how you can be part of this movement.

Support for Women

All applications are reviewed daily for eligibility determination. Applicants can submitted through our online portal or apply in person if reside near our main office.  Application must be completed to be accepted.  Please note one application can be used for many programs however, each program may have different eligibility requirements.   fpl11

If you have had surgery to treat breast cancer you may qualify. Eligibility is based on your financial situation and your diagnosis.

You may be eligible if you can answer yes to ALL of the following questions:

  • I have a gross monthly household income between 100% and 200% of the federal poverty level (FPL), see table. 
  • I have a doctor order or referral for breast prosthesis I need.
  • I have had surgery treat breast cancer

Breast Prothesis

Lisa’s Pink Petals of Hope Breast Prosthesis Fund is a local State of Florida program.   Breast reconstruction isn't a choice that all women make after cancer and for some it isn't an option. lady w_breast prosthesis The Breast Prosthesis Fund provides up to $300 toward a breast prosthesis every 2 years (24 Months).  Products can only be delivered from one of Lisa’s Pink Petals of Hope participating stores.

Mastectomy Bras

Lisa’s Pink Petals of Hope Garment Fund provides financial assistance for a pocketed garment to provide comfort in the post-surgery phase of treatment.  Many approved applicants use this program for a new pocketed bra that they may not otherwise be able to afford.  Products can only be delivered from one of Lisa’s Pink Petals of Hope participating stores/boutiques. breastfitting

A leisure bra can also be requested for those preparing for radiation treatment. The front closure leisure bra provides softness and comfort during an often painful and irritating treatment process.  Approved applicants will have product shipped directly to their home.

The program provides up to $100 toward mastectomy bras every year (12 Months). 



Lisa’s Pink Petals of Hope education awareness offers patients and survivors peer support that includes encouragement, knowledge, trust, and understanding to help them in their fight and recovery of breast cancer. cancer-help Cancer affects us all and LPPOH wants to engage survivors, family members, friends, healthcare providers and the community in the fight against cancer through advocacy, awareness, education, hope, outreach, research and support.

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